deltA Joulemeter Series

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Spectrum Detector has released its deltA Joulemeter Series. The deltA NIR Joulemeter provides near-IR spectral response from 0.9 to 1.7um, while also offering numerous performance advantages unique to the deltA Series of joulemeters and radiometers.

The user simply plugs a deltA probe into an analog power module (APM) to mate with oscilloscopes and lock-in amplifiers, or plugs the probe into a digital USB-based electronic module (DPM) to create a complete PC-based energy meter. Powerful LabView software controls range, wavelength, trigger level, graphic displays and much more. Measurement performance rivals that of advanced readout-based meters; the deltA NIR Joulemeter features germanium or InGaAs detectors, 10fJ sensitivity, high voltage responsivity (10KV/J) and high rep-rate capability. It is ideally suited for measuring laser pulse energy from 1 to 40,000 pps, and measuring pulse energy of eye-safe lasers.

It is easy to tailor the deltA for a specific measurement need. A full range of smart deltA probes is plug-and-play compatible with the analog and digital power modules. Probes include Si, Ge and InGaAs photodiodes or pyroelectric detectors, covering the spectrum from DUV to FAR IR and even the THz region. Each probe includes an EEPROM that identifies the type of sensor, its voltage response and wavelength correction factors for the digital electronics. In addition, an SM1 threaded front bezel makes it easy to add filters, apertures, lenses, optical holders and more.

Design flexibility is another feature of the deltA Series. The low-profile probes and compact power modules are optimal for on-board applications such as laser diagnostics or control. OEM versions include bare-board configurations complete with shielded cables that plug directly into the principal system’s processing board. The low-profile probes are also ideal for performing measurements in tight spaces.