Diffractive beam splitter

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Limo has expanded its product portfolio with a diffractive beam splitter, which has a continuous profile, unlike conventional binary diffractive optical elements (DOE). This property has the advantage that undesirable ghost beam effects do not appear. The result is a very high diffractive efficiency of 95 – 97% that LIMO already successfully demonstrated.

Depending on the design of the beam splitter, large beam angles are possible. Additionally the split beams can be focused by means of optional lenses. Furthermore the properties of the profile have an impact on the amount of intensity variation between the spots which is smaller than +/- 5 per cent.

Limo delivers customised beam splitters consisting of different materials like fused silica or CaF2 for high power and UV applications. The Limo beam splitter is most suitable for widely used solid-state lasers with a wavelength of 355nm, 532nm and 1,064nm. The beam splitter is often required in precise laser materials processing (e.g. surface structuring, sawing, cutting, perforation), due to the splitting into several identical spots.