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Limo has introduced Diocut, an energy-efficient 2kW diode laser system which, in eight-hour constant operation, consumes approximately 20 per cent less energy than a comparable fibre laser.

The higher level of effectiveness leads to reduced energy consumption, and a level of approximately 30 per cent socket efficiency, including cooling. High-end beam shaping with the Diocut system also ensures efficient fibre coupling and, as a result, reduces energy consumption. Thanks to micro channel-free passive cooling the user can operate the system maintenance-free.

The system is ideal for cutting construction steel and stainless steel, as well as aluminium and non-ferrous heavy metal, because it allows better cutting quality. The Rz roughness of the cut edge is consequently less than 30µm with a 6mm thick stainless steel piece. However, Nd:Yag laser system standard process heads can still be used.