L<sup>3</sup> line lasers

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Limo has introduced its L3 family of high-power line lasers. The lasers are intended for applications within process development and optimisation, and they are well-suited to applications involving thin films (solar cells, semiconductor devices). The line lasers are optimised for annealing, crystallisation and tempering of thin films with high speed linear scanning processes. Furthermore, the lasers can also be used for rapid thermal inspection and quality assurance.

The L3 process development tools are equipped with 450W to 950W laser sources, which may be either CW or pulsed. Power density up to several hundred kW/cm2 is offered in a typical line length of 10-30mm. In combination with three linear stages, the beam moves across the target at a speed of up to 1m/s. To transfer the process into production systems the laser sources can be scaled up to several metres line length for optimised productivity and profit.