L3 Limo Line Laser system

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Limo has launched the L3 Limo Line Laser system to expand its portfolio to over ten line generators. By default there is now an offer of L3 systems with ranges from 40W to 13kW and more. Customers can individually select line generators for different wave and line lengths as well as power densities.

Limo beam shaping means that the system is suited to continuous operation with intense and uniform irradiation of surfaces and functional coatings for many industries; from the automotive, electronics, coating industry, production of energy storage systems to photovoltaic and display technology.

Users can use the systems in laser lift-off processes, with which flexible displays for smartphones and tablets can be produced, for example. The mini plastic monitors arise from the laser-based detachment of a polymer film with an ultrathin layer of thin-film transistor-display from a glass substrate. The laser lift-off is a technology for sustainable substrate separation in the production of extremely thin microelectronics. According to the different requirements and applications, there are two L3 systems with either ultraviolet (355nm) or green light (532nm).