DISB spectrometer electronics

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Ibsen Photonics, a provider of fused silica transmission gratings and industrial grade spectrometer modules, has introduced a new line of OEM electronics for its spectrometers - called DISB.


DISB-101DISB comes with an SPI interface, which makes it ideal for fast and easy integration into an instrument. It offers fast read out – up to 550Hz for 2048 pixels  and accurate timing control in 200 nanosecond steps with only a 10 nanosecond jitter.


Ibsen's new DISB line of electronics supports the S11639 CMOS and S11156 BT-CCD detector arrays from Hamamatsu. More detectors will be added to the list in the future. The current two models are called: DISB-101 and DISB-380 - they work with Ibsen’s Freedom 101 and 380 series of spectrometer.


DISB helps instrument integrators avoid the hassle of developing an analogue electronics interface and offers detector array control, analogue to digital conversion (16 bit), a fast SPI interface, on-board storage for calibration and also hardware and software triggering options.