DL 100/pro

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Toptica has introduced the DL 100/pro, an ultra-stable tunable diode laser now available at all diode wavelengths between 372nm and 1670nm. The DL 100/pro design offers the same superior mechanical setup as Toptica's successful DL pro. It is a design that allows for the most stable external cavity diode lasers (ECDL), both against acoustic/mechanical and thermal disturbances. At the same time, the design allows for easy coarse tuning across the complete gain spectrum of the integrated laser diode. The DL pro and the DL 100/pro design are particularly easy to operate and tune, and they enable a much more hands-off operation than other ECDLs. These attributes make it ideally suited for the integration into complex and demanding experiments like Bose-Einstein condensation or quantum computing.

Until now the DL pro was available in only four versions with special AR diodes that are coarsely tunable up to 95nm around 780nm, 850nm, 940nm or 1,040nm. Now Toptica has adopted the mechanical design for the integration of its complete range of AR and FP laser diodes for external cavity diode lasers. The DL 100/pro design is available at most wavelengths between 372nm and 1670nm. Output powers range up to 300mW. The characteristics of these lasers greatly depend on the integrated laser diode. Available AR and FP diodes with output power and tuning specifications are available from Toptica's website.