DL pro HP

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Toptica Photonics has introduced the DL pro HP, a tunable diode laser with higher output powers in the visible spectral region. A special resonator design allows for single-frequency output powers of up to 100mW.

With a 1-6nm coarse tuning range and a mode-hop free tuning of 20-50GHz, the DL pro HP is an ideal source for laser cooling, spectroscopy, ionisation, and quantum manipulation of numerous atoms and ions. Available wavelengths range from 370nm to 640nm. At 632.8nm the DL pro HP is a tunable alternative to HeNe lasers providing even higher output powers on diode technology.

With the DL 100 and the DL 100/pro design Toptica has been successfully establishing tunable and single-frequency diode lasers in the blue and violet spectral region since 1999. The DL pro HP now further expands this product spectrum with a laser that outperforms both in terms of power while providing a large tuning range and a linewidth of 1–2MHz. The laser features an integrated isolator. Fibre coupling and stabilisation electronics are optionally available.