TA pro narrow-band diode laser

Toptica has introduced its TA pro, a narrow-band diode laser with a tunable 2W output CW output available in the 645-1,083nm wavelength range. The laser features a narrow linewidth of 100kHz and a mode-hop free tuning range of up to 50GHz.

The master-oscillator of the MOPA-system is a DL pro laser in patented design. A tapered amplifier subsequently amplifies the signal of the master-oscillator to high output powers, while maintaining its excellent spectral properties. Like all other lasers of the company's pro series, the TA pro is robust with respect to environmental changes or vibrations. A sophisticated laser design with flexure joints, specially developed mirror mounts and a solid laser head created from a single metal block achieves this unmatched robustness.

The TA pro is suitable as a cooling laser for BECs and ultracold Fermi gases due to its narrow linewidth, and for optical dipole traps and lattices due to its high output power.