FemtoFErb turnkey femtosecond laser system

Toptica's has introduced its FemtoFErb turnkey laser system providing 100mW average power at a 1,560nm, with 100fs pulse durations and 100MHz repetition rate. The all-fibre system is based on erbium doped fibre and saturable absorber mirror mode-locking (SAM) technology and features a direct polarisation maintaining fibre output. The laser includes optics and all necessary control electronics in a single compact box (202 x 122 x 69mm). The FemtoFErb fits the requirements of fibre-based time-domain terahertz studies, where it can replace bulky and costly solid-state lasers.

As well as allowing compactness, the fibre-based design leads to robustness against vibrations and mechanical shocks, while telecom-qualified components guarantee reliability and lifetime. The passive SAM device ensures self-starting and reliable mode-locking, making the FemtoFErb a plug-and-play system for both OEM integrators and single unit customers. For single system users, an optional switch box provides all switches, supply and status lines to run a FemtoFErb as a standalone system with no further integration.