E-836 piezo amplifier

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Physik Instrumente has introduced the E-836 piezo amplifier, a cost-efficient solution for the dynamic operation of PICMA multilayer actuators.

Available as OEM module or bench-top device, this compact single-channel piezo driver can easily be implemented in custom applications. As an OEM module integrated in a metal shielded case, it is suitable for mounting on boards with soldering pins.

Only a small voltage of 24V is required for operation. The piezo voltage and other supply voltages are generated internally.

The amplifier can output peak currents of up to 100mA for an output voltage range of -30 to 130V.

As OEM module, the E-836 is suitable for assembling multi-axis solutions. Furthermore, the piezo amplifier is short-circuit-proof and is equipped with full over-current and over-temperature protection.