EO Infinity-Corrected Long Working Distance Objectives

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Edmund Optics has released a family of objectives designed to provide high quality imaging over unusually long working distances, with high numerical apertures.

The EO Infinity-Corrected Long Working Distance Objectives use a strain-free plan apochromat design that offers resolving power from 5 to 0.34 microns.

The eight lenses offer working distances as long as 34mm and numerical apertures ranging from 0.055 to 0.55. They also offer a variety of magnifications ranging from 2X to 100X (based on a tube lens focal length of 200 mm). The EO PLAN APO 50X ULWD and 100X ULWD designs offer submicron resolving powers at working distances of 20. mm and 13mm, respectively.  The mounting threads for the objectives have a 26mm x 0.706mm pitch (36 TPI).