Etna HP

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Thales Laser has added the new Etna HP to its Etna family of lasers. This Nd:YAG laser, available in IR and green versions, delivers 55W to 150W at 532 nm and 80W to 200W at 1064 nm with M² from 1.2 to 20. Etna HP can operate from 4kHz to more than 30 kHz, with a typical pulse duration of 45 ns at 10 kHz. The pulse to pulse stability less than 1.5 per cent rms and the stability over 24H is less than 2 per cent. With a beam pointing better than ± 30 µrad, this laser is designed for industrial and scientific applications and offers the highest power in the green on the market. The laser head dimensions are LxWxH: 1100 x 280 x 190mm. A water-water heat exchanger dissipates the thermal load.