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The EX350, manufactured by GAM Laser and distributed by Photonic Solutions, is a small platform excimer laser with very high pulse energy. The laser provides an average power of 20W at 248nm when running at 100Hz.

The metal/ceramic laser is housed in a single air-cooled table top package that measures 78 x 43 x 34cm. It is fully controlled by computer. The laser features corona pre-ionisation, low trigger jitter and a long gas lifetime of up to 120 ays, providing high pulse-to-pulse stability.

The laser is available in the following UV wavelengths: 157nm, 193nm, 248nm, 308nm and 351nm. It can operate at 50 or 100Hz with a pulse duration between 18 and 22ns. The pulse component lifetime of greater than 1 billion pulses means the system is low maintenance and very cost efficient.