UK-based distributor Photonic Solutions has introduced the µFab3D laser microfabrication system, manufactured by Teem Photonics. The µFab3D is a complete, cost-effective solution for 3D microfabrication of polymer, protein or metal micro-structures. These microscopic structures are realised as a result of a high definition photochemical process at the focal point of a laser. The system uses the technique of two photon absorption using a 532nm Teem microchip laser in a confocal microscope set up. One of the key features of this system is the software, which accepts standard CAD files of the structure required, and uses powerful 2D slicing method to provide a fast and highly efficient fabrication process. Resolution (voxel size) down to 200nm is achievable and the complete system is described as versatile and easy to use. Application areas include microfluidics, microoptics, cellular biology, protein engineering, biotechnology, and, micromechanics.

The µFab3D is offered as a complete system or can be supplied in modular form for users who have their own confocal microscope.