Excelitas Technologies Launches Infrared Sensor Technical Video Library

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Excelitas Technologies, a global technology leader in delivering sophisticated photonic technology innovations, has introduced the Excelitas IR Sensing Video Library. Excelitas IR Sensing product development team is producing a new series of instructional videos to provide an overview of basic principles of operation and helpful instruction for streamlined integration and optimized performance in motion/presence sensing, gas detection and temperature measurement applications.

“Our new video library addresses important and frequently asked questions from actual ongoing IR-sensor related projects. These videos are especially made for engineers who may be new to passive infrared (PIR) sensing and are an excellent catalyst for deeper conversations with our technical support team to maximize the performance and application potential of our sensors,” said Applications Engineer Prometeusz Jasinski.

Excelitas’ new Video Library currently features two instructional videos on our latest IR Sensor innovation: the CaliPile IR Sensor Series:

  • Introduction to CaliPile Multi-Function IR Series
  • Engineer-to-Engineer Volume 1: CaliPile Remote Temperature Measurement.

The innovative CaliPile Multi-Function IR Sensor represents a new range of intelligent multifunction IR sensors that includes highly sensitive infrared detectors and associated electronic circuitry. With selectable frequency filters and levels that allow users to choose different operation modes, a single CaliPile sensor performs in three distinct operation modes to offer maximum versatility for motion detection, presence detection and temperature measurement. CaliPile is available in ultra-compact SMD configuration, as well as conventional TO metal case housings with aperture window or IR focusing Lens options.

Additional video tutorials on the CaliPile and other Excelitas IR Sensor technologies will be added to the video library in the coming weeks, building a valuable resource for engineers seeking to engage Excelitas IR sensing technology in their product designs.

The Excelitas IR Sensing Video Library is accessible at: http://www.excelitas.com/Pages/Product/CaliPile-Video-Library.aspx.