Exoscan hand-held FTIR spectrometer

A2 Technologies has introduced its Exoscan hand-held FTIR spectrometer, equipped with interchangeable spherical internal reflection (ATR) and diffuse reflection sampling interfaces. According to the company, the Exoscan spectrometer is gaining acceptance with scientists and researchers involved the conservation, restoration and authentication of art and historical objects. The technology is being used to analyse a wide range of objects including fine art, murals, illuminated manuscripts, historic photographs, ancient pottery, statuary, tapestries, tiles and mosaics.

The Exoscan system has the ability to rapidly change sampling interfaces to meet the needs of the analysis, and the extremely compact size of the system has proven to be a major advantage for the study of these objects. The hand-held Exoscan FTIR system can be used equally effectively in lab environments and in the field, enabling researchers to bring the spectrometer to the object, or to the site of the object. The system can be used in any orientation and has on-board lightweight power source. FTIR is inherently a non-destructive analysis method and its portability means that even small sample particles need not be removed for analysis.