Exoscan and FlexScan portable FTIR spectrometers

A2 Technologies has introduced its new family of handheld Fourier transform infra-red spectroscopy (FTIR) systems, optimised for geoscience applications including the compositional analysis of rocks, minerals and soils. The Exoscan and FlexScan FTIR spectrometers are battery powered, hand-held systems, proven for field applications.

According to A2, FTIR spectroscopy has been applied to geosciences for many years, but previously samples would have had to have been brought back to a laboratory for analysis, which is time consuming and inefficient. With these new portable FTIR systems, samples no longer need be transported back to the lab. Using an Exoscan or FlexScan portable FTIR system critical information about a field site can be obtained in real-time allowing the investigator to focus on areas of the site of greatest importance, concurrently reducing the number of less important samples that are measured. Furthermore, this technology can identify minerals and soil components as well as quantify molecular compounds including oil contamination or degree of hydration in soil.

The Exoscan and FlexScan systems are equipped with diffuse reflectance sampling interface, providing detailed molecular analysis of granular soil or rough rock samples. No sample preparation is required. The Exoscan system, with its optional docking station, serves as both a powerful benchtop lab system and a field analyser. The lightweight FlexScan is well-suited to at-site sample analysis over large areas, or where many measurements are required.