Expanded portfolio with 10 systems

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With its expanded portfolio of ten Beam Transformation Systems (BTS), LIMO is now able to offer a wide range of BTS for almost any application.

The 10 new additions, with pitches of 200, 400 and 500µm, are suitable for converting the light from standard diode laser bars and mini bars. BTS are available for wavelengths from 600 to 1,600nm. High beam quality is assured thanks to excellent residual divergence that ranges from 13 to under 5.0mrad. To achieve the best possible performance for a specific application, LIMO uses 4 Fast Axis Collimators (FAC160, FAC286, FAC365 und FAC410) that have been optimized for short focal lengths.

The effectiveness of these high-performance optics systems is critically dependent on how they are mounted, which is why LIMO offers its customers a special service. The company offer automated BTS assembly which, it says, is an important addition to LIMO’s newly expanded BTS portfolio.