Explorer XP 532-5

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Newport's Spectra-Physics division has launched its Explorer XP 532-5, a 5W all-in-one green (532nm) Q-switched diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) laser, which combines both laser head and electronics into a single, compact palm-sized package. Newport claims that the laser features the industry's smallest footprint with air-cooled design, offering thermal management of less than 100W under normal operating conditions. The lightweight package (less than 3kg) makes the laser easy to integrate into machine tools and suitable for use on moving gantries in solar cell, LED and microelectronics manufacturing, and laser-marking applications.

The Explorer XP 532-5 industrial laser delivers exceptional performance, including a short pulse width for minimum heat-affected zones and high quality micro-processing, and high peak power for marking or selective ablation tasks. The laser's high beam quality results in improved spatial resolution and depth of focus. Based on Spectra-Physics' patented architecture, Newport states that the laser delivers exceptional pulse-to-pulse stability for consistent processing and high yields. The laser operates across a wide repetition rate range from single shot up to 300kHz for high throughput micro-machining.

All optical components are soldered in place, eliminating unwanted solder flux and minimising organic contaminants that can degrade laser operation. The ruggedised laser is tested to endure bare product shock and vibration at accelerations of up to 100g.