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Toptica Photonics offers the FemtoFiber series of high power modelocked fibre lasers. The well-known advantages of fibre lasers, such as reliability, stability and high efficiency, guarantee turnkey generation of femtosecond pulses in a compact and noiseless setup. The FemtoFiber laser is ideal for terahertz spectroscopy, frequency combs, various forms of microscopy, and femtosecond spectroscopy. Options include 1550nm, 775nm, as well as supercontinuums and tunable ultrashort pulses in the range 500-2100nm.



The image shows the option where pulses of 100fs at 780nm are coupled into a photonic

crystal fibre. Here, a grating has spectrally decomposed the white-light supercontinuum. The visible part of the spectrum which ranges from 500 to 1000nm is clearly visible on the white screen. For illustration purposes, a fine mist has made the laser beam visible. A different option allows the generation of a continuously tunable picosecond laser beam of several milliwatts with a tuning range of 500-700nm.

For applications at longer wavelengths, for example the testing of opto-electronic elements, Toptica offers sub-100fs laser beams in the range 1000-2100nm.