FemtoRay 780

Menlo Systems, a developer and supplier of laser technology and instrumentation for high-precision metrology, has launched a femtosecond fibre laser for industrial applications.

The company says modularity and field serviceability are key elements of the product's architecture. Three autarkic units, a femtosecond fibre oscillator, a femtosecond fibre amplifier, and second harmonic generation (SHG) module are housed in an enclosed one-box platform with a small footprint.

The laser delivers 780nm pulses with <150fs pulse duration and >50mW average output power at 50MHz. It uses polarisation maintaining fibre components, which Maenlo says is the key to stable operation. Its mode-locking technology, with no moving parts, avoids using components with finite lifetime, such as saturable absorber mirrors.

The FemtoRay 780 is a laser source suitable for use both in research labs and in industrial environments; potential applications include micromachining, amplifier seeding, ultrafast spectroscopy, and THz generation.