SuperK Extreme supercontinuum laser

Photonic Solutions now distributes the SuperK Extreme supercontinuum laser manufactured by NKT Photonics. The laser features an on-the-fly variable repetition rate, 1.5-8W total output power, a master repetition rate up to 80MHz, and exceptional operational lifetime over the system's entire 400-2,400nm wavelength range. With true turnkey operation, exceptional stability and operational lifetime, the supercontinuum laser has a proven record of industrial reliability.

The SuperK Extreme lasers are complete standalone units with integrated controller and computer interface for easy and stable operation. Operation is simple with a variable repetition rate through the use of a pulse picker. The product family consists of three models, giving the user the choice of blue, white or red spectral coverage. NKT Photonics also supplies a range of accessories for use with its SuperK light sources, which have been designed to further increase the flexibility of these supercontinuum lasers. The range of SuperK accessories allows access to either particular spectral ranges or specific wavelengths within the ultra broad SuperK spectrum.