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Photonic Products is adding a new visual fibre fault detector to its range of opto-electronic components. Visual fault detectors are used during cabling installation and repair to find faults, check continuity, verify a signal path and identify a fibre.

The FFD100 is designed to help with the location of breaks, bends and other discontinuities that can affect fibre performance and result in signal loss. It also aids end-to-end fibre identification within a fibre bundle, or looking for cracked fibre in splice cases. The FFD100 pinpoints problem areas on an optical fibre by generating a bright red glow at the fault site.

This product uses a high-visibility 635nm red laser diode with CW operation to locate faults in fibre optic cable from up to 5km distance. Pulsed operation is available. The FFD100 incorporates Photonic Products' Universal Adaptor, so accepts all standard 2.5mm optical connector types for single and multimode operation. It is pen-sized, with a length of 162mm, and it weighs just 70g, fits into a pocket and uses standard AAA batteries.