Wavelength-stabilised laser diodes

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Photonic Products has recently acquired the rights to sell Ondax’s low-cost wavelength-stabilised diodes. They come in a standard TO package and achieve stabilisation using the Ondax Volume Holographic Grating (VHG) PowerLocker, which increases the spectral brightness and ensures a precise centre wavelength over the locked region. The improved temperature stability and yield makes it ideal for many applications including storage, metrology, bio-instrumentation, analytical instrumentation, sensing, flow cytometry and graphic arts.

The short external cavity provides better mode selection than systems based on Littrow and Littman cavities. It has a single mode, narrow line width of less than 50MHz, a compact size (5.6mm and 9mm) and is wavelength locked to less than ±1nm. The laser is available in standard wavelengths of 640nm, 658nm, 685nm, and 785nm.