Fiber-coupled diode laser pump module

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DILAS, the diode laser company today announced a new fiber-coupled diode laser pump module, developed for fiber laser pumping with kHz modulation capabilities.

The fiber-coupled pump module is based on a single-emitter platform in a sealed housing. It offers up to 30W laser power from a 105μm pigtailed fiber into a 0.15 numerical aperture at 915nm or 976nm (with optional wavelength stabilization from 976nm-VBG).

The laser pump module’s low height and rugged architecture make it ideal for applications requiring fiber combined pump power with kHz modulation capabilities, fostered by the serial connection of the multiple single emitters’ inside and its low operating current maximum of 12A.

Developed for Ytterbium fiber laser pumping applications, the module is equipped with a filter to protect against back-propagating light at >1μm. The module is also suitable for medical or materials processing applications that require a small fiber core diameter or low numerical aperture in a small footprint.