FiberKey P

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Laser Components has introduced the FiberKey P for CO2 lasers, which transmits laser light as well as a pilot beam. The fibre coupler makes it possible to guide CO2 laser light in hollow optical fibres to any point and simultaneously transmit the light of a pilot beam. The pilot beam allows the location of the processing beam to be easily adjusted for precise alignment.

The CO2 fibre coupler is optimised for a wavelength of 10.6µm. A ZnSe lens typically gives a coupling efficiency of 80 per cent. The FiberKey P is used in combination with a newly developed hollow-core fibre: the pilot beam is transmitted in the fibre cladding, and the invisible laser light is guided in the hollow core. The module can be easily integrated with existing lasers using the flange mounting.

This product is currently available for an output power of up to 30W, and is therefore particularly well-suited for medical applications with CO2 lasers, for example to cut tissue when removing tumours or in dermatology. The pilot beam in the FiberKey P will accurately show the point of impact for the laser light, which makes it possible to work precisely.