Fibre Optic Hermetic Feedthroughs

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Through Laser Components, Sedi Fibres Optiques offers comprehensive solutions for fibre optic hermetic feedthroughs. Standard feedthroughs include connectors, such as FC for singlemode or graded index fibres, and SMA for large core fibres from 140µm to 1000µm.

New products have also just been developed, including ST connectors for all types of silica fibres from 140µm to 1000µm, FC/APC for singlemode fibres and polarisation maintaining FC for PM fibres.

Sedi also offers custom solutions with no fibre discontinuity. The fibre types, coating and protection materials, level of hermeticity, environmental conditions and number of fibres are some of the important parameters that define custom feedthroughs.


Most important is that 100 per cent of the products are tested in house for hermeticity and a test certificate can be supplied. Hermeticity values range from 10-2 to 10-9 Torr and pressure values range from a few millibars to 1000 bars.