Fibre pigtailed and receptacle packaged laser diodes

Photonic Products has introduced its latest range of high performance fibre pigtailed and receptacle packaged laser diodes suitable for OEM applications. Potential applications include scientific equipment, and optical instruments requiring a high quality laser diode light source.

The fibre pigtailed laser packages are available in wavelengths from 635nm to telecommunications wavelengths of 1,310-1,550nm and fibre output powers from 0.8-15mW. They are typically supplied with a 1m, 9/125µ fibre. Coupling to single-mode 4/125µ fibre is available on request for wavelengths of 635-850nm, and a range of termination options is available. The telecommunications wavelength pigtailed lasers offer un-cooled operation at -40-85°C (233-353K).

The receptacle packaged laser diodes, with wavelengths from 635nm to telecomms wavelengths of 1,310-1,550nm, and optical output powers of 0.7-60mW, are packaged in either SMA, FC, ST or SC receptacles or with a universal adaptor that will accept FC, ST, SC and most other 2.5mm diameter ferrule connectors for user-supplied fibre coupling, allowing for singlemode or multimode fibres to be used without additional power loss.

Both fibre pigtailed and receptacle packaged laser diodes have a built-in monitor photodiode to regulate the light output and increase stability, are hermetically sealed and have a standard 3-pin or 4-pin connection for compatibility with common drivers.