Fidelity lasers

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Coherent has introduced two ultrafast fibre lasers that offer a combination of high average power and short pulsewidth, enabling high intensity focusing. Applications range from optogenetics research to cutting edge commercial uses, such as scribing and rapid prototyping.

Specifically, the new Fidelity 10 and Fidelity 18 offer 10W and 18W of output power, respectively, with a pulsewidth of 140fs at a wavelength of 1,040nm. When combined with the  beam quality (M2<1.2) from these lasers, the result is significantly higher peak power and focused intensity. Plus, the software-adjustable, internal pre-compensator allows the user to optimise the pulsewidth and peak power at the sample or workpiece. 

The lasers deliver fast imaging speeds in multiphoton excitation (MPE) applications, and their stability, high power and beam quality make them well-suited to non-linear optics applications, including pumping tunable optical parametric oscillators (OPOs) or non-linear fibres. These same characteristics also make them suitable tools for microprocessing applications, such as scribing,  two-photon rapid prototyping, waveguide writing, microfluidics, and surface processing.