Mai Tai eHP DeepSee Laser

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Newport Corporation's Spectra-Physics Lasers Division has released the Mai Tai eHP DeepSee, which is a tunable ultrafast Ti:sapphire laser for high-resolution biological imaging.

This ultrafast laser, with its integrated dispersion compensation, is ideal for nonlinearly excited fluorescence applications – including multiphoton microscopy.

The Mai Tai eHP DeepSee laser features full automation and computer control in a compact package. The built-in dispersion compensation capability features a large dynamic range at all wavelengths of the laser's tuning range. It can counterbalance dispersive pulse broadening in all commonly used objectives and optical systems – thus delivering the laser's short pulses directly to the sample for maximum fluorescence generation. This large dynamic range also enables remote adjustment of the pulse width upwards of 70 femtoseconds, should that be an application requirement.