First Contact optics cleaner

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Altechna has introduced its First Contact optics cleaner. The product is a one-part easy-to-use strip film, which cleans and protects precision optics, telescopes, mirrors and surfaces in use, during storage, assembly and shipping. First Contact is specially designed to minimise surface adhesion and clean surfaces safely and effectively while leaving no residue. Tests have shown that optics cleaned with First Contact have better reflectivity and laser damage threshold.

The product is safe to use with nanostructures, precision surfaces, optics, glass, fused silica, silicon, crystals, non-linear crystals, metals, Ge, ZnSe, NaCl, KBr, KRS-5, first surface mirrors, telescope optics and precision aerospace surfaces. First Contact also cleans and protects diffraction gratings, phase masks, and pinholes.

The product or pre-coating service can be ordered through Altechna Optics.