FL593FL USB controller

Wavelength Electronics has released the FL593FL USB controller, which brings its low noise FL500 laser diode driver under USB computer control.

This full speed USB controller comes with a robust driver, a simple Windows control interface, and an easy-to-use development API for rapidly building custom applications.

On-board nonvolatile memory holds operational settings. A user can download a configuration, then disconnect the FL593FL from the PC and it continues operating – standalone or use USB hubs to control multiple units from a single port. Each device is displayed in its own window, complete with real-time data acquisition, limit and setpoint monitoring, Interlock Enable notification, and custom configuration options. Configurations can be saved and reloaded for consistency and efficiency with multiple operators. Plug-and-play using the default factory settings or use the API provided to tailor the FL593 for a specific function.

This adaptable module is ideal for remotely controlling multiple laser diodes – such as burn-in racks, L-I characterisation systems, and more.  Setpoint, current limit, constant current/constant power mode settings are all under computer control. Optional analog inputs facilitate up to 500kHz modulation in constant current mode. Data acquisition period can be set from 100ms to 10s intervals.