USB kit

Wavelength Electronics has introduced its USB interface board kit and software package Quickconnect that provides laser control and graphs showing the laser system's status in real-time.

One laser diode driver and one temperature controller can be simultaneously operated with the USB kit. The software provides control of the laser drive current in constant current mode or photodiode current in constant power mode. Photodiode current is easily converted to laser output power and the drive current limit is displayed on-screen. Auxiliary monitors can be associated with particular graphs and all data can be logged whether it is displayed or not.

With Quickconnect the laser setup configuration can be saved for repeating experiments or manufacturing testing. Using the graphic interface user’s can set the desired load temperature as a voltage or a temperature and maximum and minimum temperature limits can be established. Laser diode current can also disabled if the preset temperature limits are exceeded. Multiple kits can be attached to the same computer, allowing for control of multiple systems.