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WLD3343 General Purpose Laser Diode Driver

Wavelength Electronics has updated its WLD3343 General Purpose Laser Diode Driver to feature higher output current, lower noise and no leakage current. It provides up to 3A output in a compact 14-pin DIP package. The WLD3343 Series is ideal for a wide variety of electro-optical instrumentation, including spectrometers, medical diagnostic equipment, range finders, and on research benches. The upgraded WLD3393 Evaluation Board allows fast system design.

The WLD3343 is an analogue circuit for space-constrained designs that supplies up to 2MHz modulation bandwidth, current limiting, and Constant Current or Constant Power operation with any laser diode configuration. To protect your laser diode and ensure reliable performance, safety features including slow start, voltage-controlled setpoint, TTL-compatible shutdown, and over-temperature shut-off have been incorporated into the design. Since the maximum current output is scaleable, the WLD3343 can safely be used with low current VCSELs.

The WLD3393 Evaluation Board operates from a single supply and is compatible with all standard laser diode configurations. Onboard switches, connectors and trimpots make fine-tuning of the laser diode forward current and limit easy and accelerate product design.


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