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A new spectroradiometer from Gamma Scientific offers a combination of enhanced dynamic range, very low noise and high spectral resolution, enabling display manufacturers to inspect all the way up to Rec. 2020 colour gamut standards.  Specifically, the GS-1290 display measurement system delivers a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, together with a wavelength resolution of 0.4nm. 

These characteristics, together with the repeatability, reproducibility and accuracy of the GS-1290 DMS, make it useful for a wide variety of metrology tasks in display fabrication, including inspection of reference monitors.  Additionally, the product’s high blue light sensitivity makes it effective for use with virtually all display types, including LED backlit displays.

The GS-1290 DMS comes standard with the Gamma Scientific Austin Viewing System telescope for image acquisition.  This optical system projects the measurement region out on to the device under test, or displays it on a USB connected host computer, greatly simplifying alignment and enhancing measurement reliability.  Software selectable apertures enable the measurement spot size to be varied from as low as 72 µm up to 28 mm allowing high measurement versatility.