Flexpoint MV laser modules

Laser Components has introduced the Flexpoint MVmicro and MVpico series of line lasers for image processing.

The MVmicro lasers were developed for stand-alone applications. Their housings measure Ø19mm by 65mm long. The MVpico lasers are optimised for integration in smart cameras. These small components are characterised by even smaller housings, measuring Ø10mm by 50mm long. Both types of lasers are available with different wavelengths and an output power from a few milliwatts up to 100mW.

The classification of these lasers in the correct laser class is an important aspect for every user. It is the goal of every image processing developer to obtain the maximum amount of output power while complying with laser class 2 or 2M regulations.

Due to a special measurement process, the MVmicro and MVpico lasers are classified in a lower laser class, i.e. they are available with more power and still meet laser class 2 or 2M specifications. For example, a laser with a 20° fan angle can be classified in laser class 2M if it has an output power of up to 20mW. Each laser must be inspected individually.