FOBA V.0020-uv

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Foba Laser Marking and Engraving has introduced a UV laser marking machine, Foba V.0020-uv, for high-contrast laser marking of various plastics and highly sensitive products and materials.

The Foba V.0020-uv achieves high-contrast marks on various plastics and highly sensitive products and substrates. The energy of the shortwave ultraviolet laser light (355nm) causes a photochemical reaction on the processed product. The product surface is altered with little heat dissipation, and so highly sensitive products and materials can be marked almost damage-free and with high contrast.

The V.0020-uv is suitable for marking products such as aircraft cables, translucent or coloured tubes used in various industries, medical plastics for invasive applications and flame-resistant plastics for electronic housings or glass.

Foba's laser marker alters the product surface photochemically so that the product remains essentially unharmed. This is how permanent laser marks, resistant to typical sterilisation processes, can be achieved on medical devices such as catheters or insulin pumps, and this is also how filigree and brilliant laser marks can be applied on glass without it breaking. With the V.0020-uv, materials such silicones or white polyamides can now be laser marked without damage. Moreover, the possibility of marking products solvent-free and without additives makes Foba‘s UV laser marker an eco-friendly and consumable-free marking solution.