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Form Talysurf PGI 2540

Taylor Hobson has launched the Form Talysurf PGI 2540, which is a combined form and surface finish measurement systems.


The Talysurf PGI 2540 can measure form with up to 25mm vertical range and surface finish down to 0.2nm resolution. The system is focussed on delivering the metrology required to enable the optics sector to produce higher quality ultra precision lenses used in today’s high volume markets like TV projectors, digital cameras and mobile phone cameras. The PGI can measure complex rotationally symmetric lenses and automatically calculate aspheric coefficients and errors from the design data.


This system offers 200mm traverse length with a motorised stylus lift mechanism, which allows many components to be measured without moving the column position between traces. This improves the stability of measurement.  The system is also provided with active anti-vibration mounts and a high quality environmental enclosure to reduce the effects of air-borne and floor-borne vibrations.


Taylor Hobson’s Ultra software is provided for instrument control and analysis.  As well as standard surface finish analysis, this system also provides ellipse / hyperbola fitting and aspheric analysis up to 20th order, including base radius optimisation, SAG table generation and derived coefficients analysis. As an option the system can also be supplied with Diffractive Analysis software for the measurement of asphero-diffractive components.


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