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Ultrafast fibre laser manufacturer, Fianium, has introduced its versatile FP1060-HE range. FP1060-HE lasers are based on a robust, reliable mode-locked fibre laser, generating high-energy ultrafast pulses, with excellent beam quality and pointing stability, in challenging environments. Delivering pulse energies in excess of 10µJ and pulse durations down to 20ps, the flexible lasers enable superior processing of a diverse range of traditionally challenging materials including polymers, glasses, organic tissue and reflective metals.

The FP1060-HE laser platform is based on a modular design, offering flexibility for custom laser configurations within an industry standard 19-inch rack-mount laser chassis and compact remote optical head. The laser systems feature an external modulator allowing pulse repetition rates from single shot to 20MHz and enabling highly flexible pulse shaping and burst-mode operation. Where required, Fianium is able to enhance FP1060-HE's peak power to greater than 5MW by compressing the pulses below 500fs. Optional frequency conversion to green or UV wavelengths further expand the laser's range of potential applications.

The FP1060-HE's combination of high peak powers and low duty cycle mean that cold processing of materials can be achieved with greatly reduced thermal effects such as melting and micro-cracking. The exceptional beam quality from the lasers delivers excellent focusability for micromachining with high precision.