SC450-8-VE bright supercontinuum laser

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Fianium claims that its new SC450-8-VE is the most powerful supercontinuum laser commercially available, offering more than 8W of total optical power and a spectrum optimised to provide the maximum visible light. Emitting 1.5W in the visible wavelength range in a single-mode beam, the system sets the new standard for white light sources across a range of applications. An average visible brightness of more than 5mW/nm makes this system suitable for demanding applications requiring high power visible light such as flow cytometry, industrial inspection, fluorescence imaging and broadband spectroscopy. The full spectrum extends from bellow 450nm to beyond 2,000nm, and the system is available in fixed and variable repetition rate versions for ultimate flexibility. With the variable repetition rate option, the source is well suited to both lifetime studies and steady state measurements.