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Frequency doubling module

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Alphanov and Muquans have developed  a frequency doubling module that generate several watts in regions of the visible spectrum previously difficult to reach.

This compact module allows energy-efficient generation of several Watts of optical power, with excellant output beam quality and high optical stability. It thus paves the way for the use of high-performance laser emission of several Watts for on-site or on-board applications.

The module offers an attractive way to get more than 5W of optical power over the range [765nm; 805nm] with more than 70 per cent conversion efficiency (other wavelengths are also available). It is dedicated to quantum technology set-ups, remote sensing (LIDARs) and biology.

Although the frequency-doubling module is commercialised by Muquans as a standalone device, Muquans can also provide an entire laser system in a fully integrated rack, including a high-performance seed laser and an amplification stage, the frequency-doubling unit, and dedicated ultra-low noise electronics. It thus offers a complete turnkey solution. Alphanov can also offer the development of custom modules.