HalfMoon Total Forward Spectral Flux Measurement System

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Labsphere and Otsuka Electronics have collaborated to develop a new light measurement system, known as the HalfMoon Total Forward Spectral Flux Measurement System, which has been designed for manufacturers of LEDs and light fixtures.

Available in standard 12, 20 and 40-inch diameters, the HalfMoon system provides an alternative to integrating sphere photometer and goniophotometer methods of measuring total forward spectral flux of forward emitting lamps, luminaires and displays. The unique compact design, available only from Labsphere and Otsuka, creates a virtual integrating sphere by pairing an interior mirrored surface cap with half an orb coated with Labsphere's highly reflective diffuse Spectraflect material. The resulting system saves space, minimises absorption errors and facilitates quick sample changes.

While the HalfMoon has a small footprint, it shares the accuracy of an integrating sphere, but with twice the efficiency of an integrating sphere of the same diameter. The centre sample mounting keeps base electronics and thermal management peripherals out of the detection area to reduce absorption errors. The easily accessible mount also reduces the time to set up and change samples for measurement. The system is configured for base up to horizontal measurement geometry, allowing products to be tested in the same orientation as the fixtures they are intended for.