Fused-silica lenses

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Ophir Optronics has announced that its CO2 Optics Division has developed optics for use in high-power, 1-micron laser systems.

Ophir’s OEM-approved fused-silica lenses deliver the best performance for 1-micron lasers with ultra-low absorption (<50ppm at 1.03-1.07 microns), a focal length tolerance of ±0.5 per cent and a laser-damage threshold of >10J.

Ophir has also developed superior HR (High-Reflection) mirror coatings for high-power fiber lasers that provide over 99.7% reflectivity at a range of 1.03-1.07 microns and over 80% reflection at 650-670nm.

'We deliver the most compelling cost-benefit ratio in the industry,' said Yehiel Plaut, sales and marketing director for the CO2 optics division of Ophir Optronics. 'Extensive testing by world-leading OEMs has shown our 1-micron optics to be best-of-breed, with outstanding durability and focus stability.'