GL Gonio Spectrometer Series

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Analytik, leading suppliers of innovative analytical instrumentation, are pleased to announce the launch of the GL GONIO SPECTROMETER Series for testing solid state light sources and luminaires.

GL Optic manufactures handheld and laboratory-based spectroradiometers and related products, for precise light measurement and LED testing. These are supplied exclusively to clients in the UK & Ireland by Analytik Limited, leading suppliers of innovative analytical instrumentation solutions.

The latest product from GL Optic is the GL GONIO SPECTROMETER. This is GL Optic’s latest solution for the testing of spatial distribution of luminous intensity for solid state light sources and luminaires. It provides simultaneous measurement of photometric values like colour space, colour temperature and colour rendering index to complete the full description of the near-field spatial uniformity of light sources.

Goniometric data is crucial for the full characterisation of luminaires, in particular for the measurement of luminous distribution curves or polar diagrams to determine light intensity and colour depending on angle. This information is key in preparing light design.

GL Optic gonio-systems offer the complete set of instrumentation, spectrometer, peripherals, software and PC computer to generate high-quality spatial maps of near-field light output and colour distribution. With full training and installation included, this is a turnkey solution for high quality gonio-spectrometry. Gonio-spectrometry equipment was previously only available to dedicated lighting laboratories and large companies. Now every light engine and luminaire manufacturer can have a fully integrated gonio-system test rig in their own design labs, saving time and money.

GL Optic gonio-systems are available in a range of sizes, including the table-top sized GLG-1-20 for light sources up to 20cm in diameter and 2kg in weight, and the heavy duty GLG-20-150 for luminaires up to 1.5m diameter and 80kg in weight.

Analytik lighting products specialist, Adrian Waltho, says, “GL Optic’s new complete GONIO system for benchtop use makes spatial photometry measurements available to a much wider audience than previous systems. Users may choose from one of three models depending on the type of lighting sources they wish to test. They are also fully compatible with all of GL Optic’s SPECTIS spectrophotometers.”