RS-5NVIS Digital Light Source

Gamma Scientific has launched its RS-5NVIS Digital Light Source to test and calibrate ANVIS radiometers and spectroradiometers. 

The instrument offers high resolution and digital brightness control that provides near-perfect linearity and uniformity and is designed to maintain the low uncertainty measurements. The calibration light source is ideal for compliance testing in applications such as cockpit display backlights where lighting changes from tungsten and fluorescent to solid-state LEDs. 
The compact RS-5NVIS is based on the RS-5 Digital Light Source system, which features a feedback-stabilised LED optical head with a diffusely illuminated area that can be filtered.  The device features a light level setting to one part in 65,535 in absolute, NIST-traceable, ANVIS radiance and luminance units. The linearity deviation is less than 0.25 per cent RMS of full scale over the entire brightness adjustment range. This accurate light measurement instrument delivers 100 times longer light source lifetime than previously available. The lamp rarely, if ever, needs changing, resulting in nearly zero downtime for the user.
Flexible, intuitive and easy to integrate, the RS-5NVIS is equipped with both a manual control and a simple ASCII computer interface control via the built-in RS-232 port.