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Photonic Solutions is distributing Harpia, a transient absorption spectrometer, developed by Light Conversion for use with the latter's Pharos/Orpheus laser systems. The instrument is used for measuring femtosecond transient absorption spectra and kinetics.

It features characteristics such as 10-5 resolvable signals, along with other properties such as the ability to work at high repetition rates up to 1000kHz. High repetition rate allows measuring transient absorption dynamics while exciting the samples with extremely low pulse energies (thereby avoiding exciton annihilation effects in energy transferring systems, or nonlinear carrier recombination in semiconductor/nanoparticle samples).

A number of probe configurations and detection options are available, starting with a simple and cost-effective pair of photodiodes for single-wavelength detection, and ending with spectrally-resolved broadband detection combined with white-light continuum probing. Similarly, different delay line options can be selected to cover delay windows from 1.7ns (standard) to 7.5ns.