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Photonic Solutions is distributing Jaz, a modular sensing suite from Ocean Optics that consists of a community of stackable, modular and autonomous components combining to create a family of smart sensing instruments that are easily adaptable for laboratory, field or process environment.

The modular components of the Jaz share common electronics and communications and as such can operate together or separately.

Distributed by Photonic Solutions in the UK, the Jaz contains: a powerful microprocessor and onboard OLED display that eliminate the need for a PC; stackable, modular and autonomous instrument modules that allow the user to customise the system to their changing application needs; and Ethernet connectivity plus an SD card for data storage to make remote operation routine.

With a platform that includes spectrometer modules, OLED display module, Ethernet and memory module, battery and external memory module, light source module and LED module, the Jaz is easily adaptable to OEM applications.


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