HD40II-E Innoslab laser

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EdgeWave has introduced its q-switched and frequency doubled HD40II-E Innoslab laser, featuring average power up to 200W, its Innoslab IS10I-A ultra-short pulse (picosecond) amplifier, with average power of 100W, and its IS10II-A amplifier for picosecond pulses up to 50W average power.

The new frequency doubled HD40II-E lasers are highly flexible in beam profile, from circular beam profile, through line shaped one dimensional top-hat, to two dimensional top-hat with square or rectangular cross section, together with the outstanding features of the Innoslab design: high beam quality (M2< 2), high pulse repetition rate (up to 100kHz), short pulse length (7ns at 50kHz), and high pulse energy (up to 4mJ at 50kHz). The Innoslab lasers are suited to diversified applications, such as large-area annealing of micro-crystalline layers in displays and photovoltaic devices. The laser's top-hat beam profile and short pulse length guarantee homogeneous ablation without beam overlap, allowing highly efficient use of pulse energy and low thermal damage of substrates.

The new Innoslab ultra short pulse amplifier IS10I-A and the new frequency doubled Innoslab amplifier IS10II-A, with circular beam profile, are well suited for precision machining micro-features in all types of materials. Their picosecond pulse length results in zero heat-affected zone, minimised micro cracks, no burrs, and no recast. High productivity and low cost of ownership is a result of their high average power.