Hermes stacked array line

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Intense has expanded its range of high power QCW bars and stacked array products. The Hermes stacked array line now includes higher power QCW laser diodes, ranging from 600 to 3,000W, qualified to MIL-standards. In addition, Intense provides passively mounted QCW bars with power levels ranging from 100 to 400W.

All Hermes bars and stacked arrays utilise Intense's patented QWI technology in combination with specific soldering techniques and robust packaging. This ensures the diodes operate both reliably and efficiently while delivering high powers at elevated temperatures. These diodes are designed for defence and industrial applications, including DPSS pumping, direct illumination, range finding, and distance measurement. In DPSS pumping applications, the high power diodes replace traditional lamp pump designs.

The Hermes Individual QCW bars are used as building blocks for Intense's complete line of  QCW stacked arrays. Power output ranges from 600 to 3,000W. The bars and stacked arrays are available in standard G, CS or H mounts. Wavelengths include 808 and 940nm.

Individual bars as well as stacks are offered with an optional FAC lens. Intense's QCW products are designed to work at duty cycles of 0.5 to 2.0 per cent (typical) and at pulse durations between 100 and 250µs (typical). To meet the full range of customer requirements, custom configurations, mounts, and multi-colour wavelength stacks are available upon request. Intense can also combine the Hermes QCW bars and stacked arrays with custom drive electronics and macro lens assemblies to create highly integrated industrial laser systems.